Saiga 12 build kit

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The Saiga semi-automatic rifle from the Russian family of AK-series rifles has been wangxian show to accommodate those looking for the reliability of an AK from a non-military weapon.

While very few were originally manufactured, they have gained popularity after being re-born in the late s as a powerful hunting rifle for big to medium-sized game.

Due to recent Russian export bans, finding aftermarket replacement parts from the Desert Fox Sales online store is the best way to buy Saiga AK parts although, current Saiga AK owners are allowed to sell their firearms in the secondary market. We have everything you will need to replace and repair all Saiga AK parts at the most affordable prices anywhere online.

Nav Menu 2. Gift Certificate. Purchase a gift certificate for the amount of your choosing! Vepr thumb hole stock cap and screw. In Stock. Original Saiga front sight block. Take off. Comes on portion of barrel.

Rifle take off. Original Russion.

Pat’s Product Review: The Saiga 12 Shotgun

Style may vary slightly. Will fit a wide variety of barrels. Allows you to easily mount tactical gear. Original Russian sling with two clips. Stamps may vary.

Original Molot Vepr. Saiga 12 hand guard with rails. Case is approximatly 41 inches long.User Name Remember Me?

Telescoping arm brace adapter for Scorpion EVO 3

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Build a Saiga from a flat? First of all, I have no idea if this is even possible. Are parts kits available? I really like the look of this little beauty, and the idea of a mag fed shotty is, well, very cool. Find More Posts by No kits available.Tracking number will be sent as soon as the order is shippped.

Contact us at or sales tigerrockinc. The main part includes two sections attached by screws - an inner piece and the bottom piece which includes the side rails. The two included removable top rail sections can slide onto and attach securely to the inner piece. The top rails are 8. Made of high quality T6 aluminum and finished in Matte Black, it's both lightweight and durable.

All orders ship out within 48 business hours except items that NEED to be test-fired. Home Saiga 12 Quad Rail Handguard. Customer Service Contact us at or sales tigerrockinc.

Secure Payments We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and paypal. Saiga 12 Quad Rail Handguard. Features: T6 aluminum construction Matte Black finish Two top rails included - 8. Qty Login For Price. Add to Wish List Compare this Product. People Also Bought. Coming Soon. This is an unassembled kit for building a functioning AR rifle with a. Send Enquiry. Add to Wish List. Compare this Product. Login For Price.

12 Gauge Saiga

The "Shark" muzzle brake is designed with an aggressive profile and 6 short prongs for a unique look. Our custom TPI Competition muzzle brake is designed to be sleek and effective. It has a total of 9 p. This Mil-Spec stock kit includes a carbine length stock, end plate, stock nut, aluminum carbine buff. Standard AR charging handle body with oversized Steel latch with cross pattern installed. Comes w. Standard AR charging handle body with oversized ambidextrous Steel latch installed.

Comes with pr. Includes:Ejection Port Cover Door. AR Forward Assist - Black. Specifications:Length: 7. Protects the quad rail and gas block from debris. Mounts in place using 4 screws. This 4" long keymod rail section is designed to be used with standard keymod handguards.

It has This 2" long keymod rail section is designed to be used with standard keymod handguards. It has 5 Pi. This 3" long keymod rail section is designed to be used with standard keymod handguards.Right now, the Saiga 12, is one of the hottest selling firearms across the country. There are several reasons for this, first of all is that, this is one fantastic shotgun for self-defense.

Third, there is a rumor going around, that the Justice Department refuses to give any more import permits for the Saiga Lastly, there is a strong possibility, that the Saiga 12 and some other shotguns will be permanently banned from future importation after May of this year.

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I have watched the price on Saiga 12 shotguns soar the past couple of months. The Saiga 12s action is based on the AK — just enlarged, and certain changes were made, in order to make this shotgun importable under US import and firearms laws.

saiga 12 build kit

As already mentioned, the Saiga 12 is a semi-auto loader. It comes with a chrome-lined barrel and is cylinder bored. However, you can purchase other bore setting choke sleeves and change them in seconds. As the Saiga comes from Russia, it has a 5-round detachable box magazine — which is the maximum allowed by law for imported shotguns.

I have no idea — just another stupid law. There is an adjustable gas plug on the Saiga 12, however it only has two settings. The simple solution was to replace the screw-on gas plug with one from MD Arms — that has five different settings. For light-recoiling birdshot, setting 5 works great. Again, this is a drop-in part — no gunsmithing required. I made no other other changes to my Saiga I purchased several full capacity mags for the Saiga The best of the bunch, in my humble opinion is the MD Arms, round drum magazine.

This drum magazine is easy to load — no tools required, and you can load it up in a minute or so. I will say, that it was a little difficult loading the first few times I used it, after that, it was a piece of cake.

There are several other brands of hi-cap mags for the Saiga 12, with some stick mags holding 12 or 13 rounds, and I think they just stick out off the Saiga 12 too far and they make the gun unwieldy if you ask me. There is also an 8-round stick mag available, too.

Banned Russian Short Barrel 12 Gauge: Molot VEPR-12-04 Overview

BTW, they have reinforcing ribs on their sides that can also hold the floorplate—allowing you to shorten these magazines to several different lengths, with a hacksaw. When it comes to inserting the magazines in the Saiga 12, it can prove a little tricky. And, the instructions with all the mags I purchased said you might have to fit them to the gun because of different tolerances in different guns. Remember, the Saiga 12, is based on an AK action and there are generous tolerances.

All the mags I purchased had to be fitted to my gun. For sheer fire-power, you will find the MD Arms round drum magazine hard to beat. My only minor complaint with the MD Arms round drum mag is, it is a bit bulky — but that comes with having a mag that will hold rounds of 12 gauge shotgun shells. For carrying comfort, I found the ProMag 12 round drum to be the best of the bunch, followed by the ProMag round mags.

The Saiga 12 comes with a bolt hold-open device in front of the trigger guard. You have to lock the bolt up before inserting a fully loaded magazine into the gun. It only takes a second to draw the bolt back and lock it up, insert your magazine and pull the bolt back, chambering a round.

There are aftermarket safeties being made for AKs, that would probably work on the Saiga — that makes it easier to manipulate the safety to the on or off positions. You can load the Saiga 12 with slugs, which will extend your range out to about yards.By Jetg23November 26, in Saiga Anyone ever built a saiga 12 from a saw cut parts kit?

I almost won a bit on one last night on GB. I think it would be a fun build to rebuild one that way.

saiga 12 build kit

The bid ended at I thought it might be a fun project to rebuild. I hour have bit a bit morebut tapped out. I was going to make Pieces to re weld into it and try to make it run agin. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Saiga Search In. Saiga 12 parts kit By Jetg23November 26, in Saiga Recommended Posts.

Report post. Posted November 26, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted December 1, edited. Edited December 1, by saltydecimator.If you want a high capacity, semi-automatic tactical shotgun feeding from a box magazine, the Saiga is pretty much your only option. Ho hum. But wait, a challenger appears! The upper is piston driven.

The user must install a stouter, shotgun-specification recoil spring in the buffer tube, but otherwise the lower half of the gun remains the same as an AR An 8-round single stack magazine has been designed to fit in the big AR magazine well. The genius of the AR may also be its downfall — proprietary ammunition.

saiga 12 build kit

Ask Saiga owners and they will tell you about the long, hard road to getting one of those guns to work reliably with cheap, low-brass ammunition. Intrepid claims that they have a deal with a major ammunition manufacturer to produce good quantities of high-quality ammo for the AR system. This manufacturer has bet that a certain market segment is willing to move on from the plus-year old standard smokeless powder 12 gauge shotshell and bring the tactical shotgun truly into the 21st century.

However, bigger companies than Intrepid have recently tried and failed to introduce promising new cartridges to the US market a lonely 45 G. A striking number of American shooters absolutely refuse to buy any gun requiring ammunition not normally stocked at Walmart. Is the new RAS ammo the next big thing?

Or will it go the way of flechette ammo, the CAWS prototypes of the s, and so many other bright ideas that simply never caught on for one reason or another? Thanks to T. Moore who sent in a tip for us on this one!

Michael Branson. Older Posts. Privacy Policy.Please click on the picture to select your options.

saiga 12 build kit

Dramatically smooths and improves trigger pull while maintaining the same factory full power striking force. Can be adjusted easily. Bolts on to your existing charge handle to give you enhanced oversized knob to operate your weapon easily.

Replaces your front recoil spring to make your Saiga shotguns more reliable. High quality US made Cobalt bit.

Perfect for quickly drilling out rivets for conversions. Modified to allow Safety to be installed and removed easily during conversions. This gas plug utilizes 6 different gas settings instead of the factory 2. This is a drop in extended magazine release for your Saiga or Vepr 12 shotgun. Attaches to any Internal or External block to easily allow your bolt on stock to fold.

Can be used as RH or LH folder. Folds to LEFT. Attaches to the Receiver Block. Use for Skeleton stocks and M4 stocks. Rear Recoil Spring Guide. Works on all Saiga Shotguns and Rifles. Please click on the picture to select Blue, Red or Green option.

Shop By Category. If you prefer this upgraded trigger, you can order all items in the kit you want seperately.


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