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This tutorial takes you through the various file formats that you can choose to download our virtual sets in. This will hopefully help users of OBSCamtasiaWirecast and similar products to get up and running super fast! Our vMix and Tricaster versions all now come with the artwork at 4K resolution as standard.

Here is a quick walkthrough of Studio 11 — available to download now from the Virtual Studio Sets Store. There are three optional screens that can be turned on or off, and a number of different camera angles — three wide shots, three mid, and several close-ups.

Free Tricaster Virtual Studio

Ideal for schools, business or corporate presentations in a more casual environment but still with a professional touch. Here is a quick preview of Studio 10 — now available exclusively here at the Virtual Studio Sets Store.

Studio 10 has 8 different camera angles, a removeable desk and 3 video screens plus desk screen, and many more customisable set elements. You can also get great control over the feature colours.

Here is a quick preview of Studio 9 — now available exclusively here at the Virtual Studio Sets Store. Studio 9 has 7 different camera angles, removeable desk and video screens, and many customisable set elements. You also get great control over the feature colours. I had a couple of enquiries asking if it was possible to change the skyline image in the vMix versions of Studio 9 and Studio 9B.

This means you can easily select your own source input from within vMix itself. It has 10 layers in all — the skyline is layer 1.

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This offer applies to any purchase made on behalf of a school or college by any faculty or staff member. The sets are supplied as separate image layers that include transparency, so you can add them one by one to OBS to create your studio set.

These are just a few examples. Please take a moment to check out our complete range of virtual studio sets. The main issue is when the sets feature screens or monitors in perspective — see 1 below. This means that if you want to use one of the virtual screens in our studio sets, it will need to be completely or very nearly straight on to the camera. You might be able to use a plug-in to match the perspective distortion, or you could distort the source before it reaches OBS for example, corner-pinning a still image using Photoshopbut it in some cases it might not be possible at all.

Please just double check before making your purchase as we cannot offer a refund once the files have been downloaded see our End User License Agreement EULA for more details. I had an enquiry earlier today asking about virtual sets for OBS Open Broadcaster Software — in particular, did the virtual sets from virtualstudiosets. I downloaded OBS from obsproject. I chose the left angle of Studio 9 to use as a quick test.

Here is a quick video showing all the various features of Studio 8 — available exclusively from the Virtual Studio Sets Store. Studio 8 has 12 different camera angles, removeable video screens, depth of field on the close-up shots, and many customisable set elements.

TriCaster -ready Photoshop versions, standard Photoshop versions plus individual PNG layers for post-production, and ready-to-run vMix sets all available to download.! Here is a quick guide to the Studio 6 multi-angle pack. Originally designed as a virtual weather studio set for The Weather Network UK, and now available to download exclusively at virtualstudiosets.At Virtual Set Lab, we specialize in downloadable virtual sets that are used in green screen video productions.

Our backgrounds are dynamic, pro level quality and extremely versatile. Join our thousands of satisfied customers and increase the production level on your next video project! Check out our deal of the week! Each week, we select some of our most popular items to feature. But don't delay, these are limited time offers! Confused on how our products can work for you? Don't be, check out this section for detailed video tutorials on all of our most popular items!

It's just our way to say "thank you" for your interest! All of our virtual sets are so easy a beginner can use them. Each studio comes with multiple angles, backgrounds and assets that can be imported into nearly ANY video editor on the market. I LOVE your stuff. Because of that, I just purchased another virtual studio set from you.

Thanks again! I wanted to thank you for a great product and great customer support. I had to do a product development piece for a customer who I am building a prototype for. The studio worked flawlessly. Great product! This info helped my students create a smooth workflow for our upgraded weather broadcast!

Thanks Virtual Set Lab! Our virtual sets can even be used in many live production systems! Our customers have used our sets in vMix, OBS and other video production packages to replace a live green screen. All of our sets feature loopable mp4 files that can be used in live productions.

All of our virtual sets utilize a royalty free usage license. What this means is once you purchase a license, you are free to use our virtual sets in personal and commercial video productions with no additional charges or fees. Our virtual sets have even been used on major television productions from NBC and others!

View our full royalty free license here. Over the years, we have had the pleasure to serve many happy customers all over the world. From youtubers to major network video editors, our sets have helped customers add that professional touch they were looking for.

Payment for our sets is fast, secure and encrypted and we accept all major credit cards plus paypal. Close menu. Premiere Pro Training. After Effects Training. Zoom Video Conferencing Training. Final Cut Pro X Training.

Vegas Training.Here at virtualstudiosets. Transparencies are carefully built in, so everything including your own assets always look perfectly embedded into the scene.

virtual studio set psd

You can download a complete Photoshop file for every studio, plus every single layer as a separate image in PNG format — fully compatible with all major editing and graphics packages Final Cut, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and pretty much everything else! Everything is lossless — which means perfect original quality throughout. There are special UV gradients already set up to handle all the live inputs and real-time reflections. Even the colours can be adjusted within VSE to give you endless vatiations for each studio.

You can also get pre-made vMix versions already set up in their own folder or folders that you can copy straight into your vMix virtual set directory and be up an running in seconds! Many satisfied customers have said these are the best virtual studio sets they have ever seen you can read some comments from our customers below. Payment is quick and secure — all major credit cards are accepted via Stripe or you can use PayPal if you prefer.

All products are delivered by immediate download digital delivery by SendOwl. Thank you so much for the free upgrade! I am enjoying the virtual studio very much! I downloaded it last week, and just installed it in the Tricaster yesterday evening. We are going to debut it today for our noon broadcast. We really appreciate the effort … It really makes a huge difference to the set and has improved the production value. You offer outstanding customer service!

I definitely look forward to doing business with you. View cart. Premium Virtual Studio Sets to download. For TriCaster, vMix and post-production.Your Cart. Learn more. Welcome To coostudio virtual studio set design More Details. Perfect virtual sets for green screen. Professional high quality and modern virtual set designs by coostudio for the broadcast designers. Compatible with all major editing and graphics. Royalty free virtual sets.

Model: Circle red stage backdrop studio Circle red stage backdrop studio Stage virtual studio technology green screen backgrounds and 3D render graphic in High Resolution Add to Wish List.

Model: Stage virtual studio set Stage virtual studio set Model: 3d render stage virtual studio set backdrop The perfect virtual set stage green screen backdrop for music shows, television broadcast, or any other streaming media tv for Facebook and Youtube Model: Backdrop stage virtual tv presentation Backdrop stage virtual tv presentation Model: virtual set background zoom wall screen with red sofa Pro-level quality and extremely versatile of the virtual studio for the broadcast and media production Model: free virtual set background for green screen.

New Free.Integrate our extensive library directly in your product. Utilize unlimited asset downloads in all your business projects.

Media Type. Frame Rate. Media Details. Storyblocks works best with the latest technology. Please upgrade your browser to ensure the best experience. Broadcasting Production Marketing Teams. Stock Footage. Animated Backgrounds. After Effects Templates. Video Collections. Login Create Account. Clear Filters Media Type All. After Effects. Resolution HD. Frame Rate Media Details Model Released.

virtual studio set psd

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virtual studio set psd

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Studio 186 PSD

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Studio 9 : virtual set (Photoshop format)

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